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Anonymous inquired:
   So my bedroom only has two outlets where I can plug things in (my room used to be the attic) so do you know any way that I could hide them because they are just all over my floor and it looks awful   

This can be a tricky problem to solve, but hopefully I can help.  The first thing you can do is strategically hide the cords behind and under furniture.  Also, and this doesn’t hide them but makes them far less noticeable, you can get them to go along the corner of the wall (where the floor and wall meet).  When you make cords run along the wall like that, it makes them far less noticeable.  Another thing you can do is get a surge protector (the power strip with multiple plugs) and use only one cord to get that to where you need it in your room, then plug in stuff to that so you don’t have cords crisscrossing all over the place.  Rugs are really great for hiding cords too.  The company that makes Command hooks and strips also makes these little plastic things that can stick to the wall (or whatever surface) that hold a cord against the surface.  They don’t hide it, but make it look much nicer and a lot more tidy.  Idk what they’re called, but they’re using near the other Command products or in the section wheres there’s lightbulbs and outlet related things.  I hope this helps.  I’m sorry, there really aren’t any great ways to hide power cords, it’s really just a matter of trying to get them to be as little noticeable as possible.  

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Boho dorm room! Pretty!

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Cozy dorm room!

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University of Kentucky

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So after being moved into my new apartment for a week and a half and making it through my first week back in class, I have finally gotten my room together for the most part. My desk area still needs a little work, but overall I really like it.

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Awesome room idea!

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tumblr room or na ? 

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